2012. nov. 5.

Yoskar Sarante - Vientos de otoño

[ Bachata, Yoskar Sarante ]

Yoskar "El Prabu" Sarante is a prominent Dominican bachatero. Yoskar Sarante, born in 1970, is one of the most popular singers of new bachata of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Born of the union of his parents Domingo and Ramona Sarante Ventura, he is the second son of the family, but he's the first to be linked to art. According to Yoskar Sarante, the young artist said that as a child he would walk with his father in parks and public squares singing while his father accompanied him on guitar, and that's how they made their living.
He took his first steps intomerengue and belonged to the International Grupo Melao a merengue band in the Dominican Republic. Yoskar Sarante has participated in several competitions for children, highlighting the most popular program of the season "Mundo Infantil."[1] He works with the nueva bachata movement, and has been on compilations such as Bachata Tipico and The Rough Guide to Bachata. During his career, he was invited to sing for the mayor at the New York Mets Stadium, which gained him some acclaim in the United States. He is now widely known internationally, and his music deals with romantic topics.


[ Bachata, Yoskar Sarante ]

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