2012. nov. 16.

Maikel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor - Esto Esta

[ Maikel Blanco, Salsa, Salsa Mayor, Timba ]

Maykel Blanco is one of the most talented young musicians in Cuba today. An excellent percussionist and pianist, he is also a talented composer and producer and at the age of 26 (at the time of this article) he is director of one of the fastest rising bands on the Timba scene: Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor.
Maykel pursued amateur studies in percussion at Gerardo Guanche Conservatory and Amadeo Roldán. He then took up keyboard "by necessity" as he told Timba.com in an interview. He taught himself to play piano because he was dissatisfied with the arrangements that other people were doing . When you hear him play it's hard to believe he learned "empirically". His background as percussionist can be heard in his "percussive" piano style, which has won him fans around the world.


[ Maikel Blanco, Salsa, Salsa Mayor, Timba ]

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