2012. máj. 22.

La Excelencia - María

[ La Excelencia, Salsa ]

The story of "María," a woman who opts for the 'fast life' but learns the fateful lesson, far too late, that the straight and narrow path is the one to follow. While violins and other string instruments (as added by synth technology) have been no stranger to Salsa recordings, the use of real strings, as are used on this track, have been quite rarely featured. On "María" they emanate over the track in a sweet and almost haunting fashion. Coupled with solos by Miki Hirose, Johnathan Powell and Tokunori Kajiwara or "Kaji," on brass, this mixture between strings and horns gives 'Maria' an even deeper emotional pathos. -- Richie Blondet


[ La Excelencia, Salsa ]

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