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Johnny Pacheco y Pete El Conde Rodriguez - Dulce Con Dulce

[ Johnny Pacheco, Pete El Conde Rodriguez, Salsa ]

Johnny Pacheco was born on March 24, 1930 in Santiago de los Caballeros. Pacheco inherited his passion for music from his father, Rafael Azarias Pacheco, who was the bandleaderand clarinetist of the "Santa Cecilia Orchestra". In the early 1940s, when Pacheco was 11, his family moved to New York City from his native Dominican Republic. He continued polishing his musical skills, learning to play accordion, violin, flute, saxophone and clarinet. He attended the Juilliard School of Music to study percussion.[2]


Pedro Juan Rodríguez Ferrer (January 31, 1933 – December 2, 2000), better known as Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez was a salsa singer born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His son, also named Pete Rodriguez, is also a salsa and jazz musician.[1]

Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez was a percussionist who started playing bongos at the age of five. After working with local groups in Ponce, Puerto Rico, he moved to The Bronx during the 1950s. While singing and playing the congas in a Bronx bar, he was spotted by legendary bandleaderJohnny Pacheco. His first album was titled Suavito, which was released in 1963.



[ Johnny Pacheco, Pete El Conde Rodriguez, Salsa ]

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