2012. aug. 17.

Michel Maza - Nube Pasajera

[ Michel Maza, Salsa, Timba ]

As a solo artist Michel has released two great albums: "Fieeeesta" and "Que Hablen Los Habladores". Fieeesta features the amazing pianist Sergio Noroña who recorded on Paulito FG's Con La Conciencia Tranquila.

Most of the other musicians have played together for some time as a group called "Arnaldo y su Talisman". The singing, arranging, and playing are all superb, as is the choice of material. Unfortunately, Mr. Maza does not use this group when he plays live. The live group is energetic, but not nearly as tight or creative as the group on the record. My personal opinion is that Michel Maza easily ranks among the top 5 current Cuban singers, but that since leaving David Calzado, has lacked the discipline and organizational expertise to put together and maintain a top-level group. The recent albums, however, are a huge step in the right direction, and ranks among the very best timba offerings since 2000.



[ Michel Maza, Salsa, Timba ]

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